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 Massai Mara

Massai Mara

 Northern Iraq

Northern Iraq

 Freetown, Sierra Leone

Freetown, Sierra Leone

 Manilla, Philippines

Manilla, Philippines

 gulu, Northern Uganda

gulu, Northern Uganda

 Music Video, Lay My Head Down, still shots

Music Video, Lay My Head Down, still shots



Sunday Times Magazine, North Korea's Schindler: meet the man who saved more than 3,000 defectors. 

Marie Claire, Caroline Langlade spent three-and-a-half hours trapped in the Bataclan as terrorists stormed the theatre, killing 90 people. It remains the most deadly terrorist atrocity in France’s history. One year on, she talks about learning to love life again

Marie Claire, When ISIS soldiers invaded her village, Badia Hassan Ahmed was abducted and enslaved, forced to be the bride of an ISIS commander. Throughout her entire ordeal, Badia shielded her 3 year old nephew. Today she speaks publicly about the war, the plight of refugees and living with trauma.  

Marie Claire, Tala Raasi survived 40 lashings at the age of 16 in Tehran Iran. Her crime: wearing a mini skirt and make up, dancing, listening to pop music and socializing with boys in a private home. Today she is one of the most successful swimsuit designers in the world and has started a movement championing that Fashion is Freedom. 

Marie Claire, Angeline Jackson was discriminated against and 'correctively' raped in Jamaica, one of  71 countries that bans forms of homosexuality. Fiercely courageous, Angeline refused to remain silent and today is one of the world's leading LGBT activists, with President Obama calling her a hero.

GlamourThe Truth Teller - Hyeonseo Lee.

Elle, Reyhaneh Jabbari's last words 

Marie Claire, Last October, Ji Hyun Park, a Manchester mother, gave one of the leading testimonies at the United Nations Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in North Korea. The report’s findings charged North Korea and its leader with human rights abuses. Here, in an exclusive interview, she gives a rare insight into life for women in this secretive, brutal dictatorship. By Susan McClelland, Marie Claire (UK)

Award Winning Stories

Nanny's Other Family

Canada's live-in caregiver immigration program may not be good for the kids
by Susan McClelland
The Walrus Magazine

Cut Both Ways

Winner,  Amnesty International Media Award for excellence in human rights reporting.
Ninety percent of women in Sierra Leone have undergone female circumcision as part of a coming-of-age ritual. Its detractors call the tradition traumatic and say it can lead to sexual dysfunction and complications during childbirth. So why are some of the practice’s strongest defenders women?
By Susan McClelland

Unusual Suspects

Finalist, Canadian Association of Journalists Investigative Reporting Award, 2007 After months of speculation that they murdered an Ontario couple at a Mexican resort, Cheryl Everall and Kimberly Kim give Susan McClelland an exclusive glimpse into their bizarre plight.

Nanny Abuse

Winner 2005 Amnesty International Media Award Finalist, Canadian Association of Journalists, Investigative Reporting Award, 2006 By Susan McClelland
The Walrus

Sad Little Girls

Finalist, Canadian Association of Journalists, Investigative Reporting Award, 2004
In Cambodia, SUSAN McCLELLAND reports on a thriving child-sex trade

Drug Mules

Transporting narcotics seems the answer to their problems. Big mistake. By Susan McClelland

The Mail-Order Bride Business

First comes marriage.... Then -- maybe -- comes love.
Maclean's, October 28, 2002

Who's my birth father?

Canadians conceived with donated sperm are demanding to know their genetic roots -- but Ottawa isn't making it easy.
Maclean's, May 20, 2002

Inside the Sex Trade

Trafficking in foreign prostitutes is one of the fastest-growing illicit activities in the world. Welcome to a hidden Canada -- and lives of quiet desperation.
Maclean's, December 03, 2001

Animal Wrongs

National Magazine Award Honourable Mention, 2002 The growing trade in animals, some of them rare species, poses dangers to public health and safety--and to the animals themselves
Maclean's, January 22, 2001