Stars Between the Sun and Moon

A striking memoir of hope in the face of persecution, Stars between the Sun and Moon provides a unique perspective on the brutality of the North Korean regime and the desperation it breeds.

This is the first true account of the country by a North Korean woman, one who suffers human trafficking, imprisonment and forced labour before escaping to Canada. See more...

I have read numerous books on North Korea, this is probably one of the best ones I have read. As I read it, I felt as if I was there watching everything unfold.
— Goodreads reader
An emotional and engrossing work that sheds light on daily life in this opaque country. Highly recommended for readers interested in North Korea as well as those who enjoy inspirational stories.
— Starred review Library Journal

The most effective element in Jang’s often tragic, thought-provoking memoir documenting her life in 1970s North Korea is the conversational, anecdotal mode in which it is told, akin to an oral history - Publisher's Weekly

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Standing Tall

Spencer West is many things. An accomplished speaker, university graduate, natural prankster, former cheerleader and a young man without legs something that has never held him back.

Navigating through life on his hands, Spencer shares his personal story about living life by embracing being different ­ and never letting that slow him down. In a world where society seems to dictate happiness and can limit the possibilities for those with special needs, Spencer wanted more out of life. He wanted to be accomplished, but that didn¹t mean just a paycheck and material possessions. He wanted to have an impact, but wasn¹t always sure how.

In 2008, Spencer traveled to Kenya on an international volunteer trip where he helped build a school in a rural community in the Maasai Mara. He credits this experience with helping him recognize his true calling ­ to motivate and inspire people around the world.

Infused with humor and humility, Spencer¹s thought provoking message in Standing Tall encourages people to find opportunity in every challenge. Standing Tall is perfect for anyone looking to make a difference in themselves and the world. It highlights the pains of bullying, isolation, failure, pride and how to persevere.

The Last Maasai Warriors

How two young Maasai tribesmen became warriors, scholars, and leaders in their community and to the world.

They are a living testament to a vanishing way of life on the African savannah. Wilson and Jackson are brave warriors of the Maasai, an intensely proud culture built on countless generations steeped in the mystique of tradition, legend and prophecy. They represent the final generation to literally fight for their way of life, coming of age by proving their bravery in the slaying of a lion. They are the last of the great warriors.

Yet, as the first generation to fully embrace the modern ways and teachings of Western civilization, the two warriors have adapted—at times seamlessly, at times with unimaginable difficulty—in order to help their people.

At this watershed moment in their history, the warriors carry the weight of their forefathers while embracing contemporary culture and technology. While their struggle to achieve this balance unfolds, their discoveries resonate well beyond the Maasai Mara.

The Tale of Two Nazanins

The remarkable story of two women named Nazanin-one a Canadian at the height of her career, the other a teenager on death row in Iran-and how one email changed their lives forever

Nazanin Afshin-Jam was on top of the world. In 2006, she had just signed her first record deal and, after placing as first runner-up for Miss World, was a sought-after fashion model and an icon within the Iranian dissident community. But one afternoon, she received an email that would change the course of her life. The subject of that email-a Kurdish girl named Nazanin Fatehi-was facing execution in Iran, as punishment for stabbing a man who had tried to rape her. Afshin-Jam quickly came to Fatehi's defence, striding into the world of international diplomacy and confronting the dark side of the country of her birth, with its honour killings, violence against women and state-sanctioned execution of children. While Fatehi languished in prison, experiencing conditions so deplorable she attempted to end her own life, Afshin-Jam worked desperately on the campaign to save her. The Tale of Two Nazanins weaves together the lives of two women-one leading a life of opportunity, the other living in abject poverty-and a fight for justice that, if only for a moment, brought the Iranian regime to its knees. An inspiring story of the bonds of sisterhood, this extraordinary book speaks to the power of every individual to foster positive change in the world.

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